Friday, January 1, 2010


Resolutions are never that as named. The closest I've heard to someone keeping one almost completely was my pal who only missed flossing 2 days this past year.


So, 2010...welcome, and good riddance to 2009.

I have some resolutions, but some are sort of cheating, because they are only short rehab for my hip after surgery.

Here are 10 resolutions I am dedicated to keep:

1. I will wear heels in 2010.

2. I will make sure that I do not forget that cheese is it's own food group and not part of that so-called "Dairy" group as I was taught before.

3. I will insist that there is no ingestion of coffee from the Valero gas station...the "Javalero"...

4. I will continue to make lists.

5. I will wear more red and less of other colors.

6. I promise to floss as necessary, as in...after BBQ.

7. I will adore my friends and family, as it is important.

8. I will continue to maintain my fear of turkeys and slugs...and annelids in general.

9. I will learn to understand the wild and obscure world of digital music storage.

10. I will continue to make lists...wait, I will repeat myself.

1 comment:

sk said...

That's a great list! I should have resolved to wear heels...