Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't turn off the lights.......

Scaryyyyy October!

October is a time that I allow myself to be frightened of things…a time that I let myself get “the willies”.

A few things that frighten me:

1. The possible combination of peanut butter and mint. Have you had it? No, you decidedly have NOT…and there is a reason…

2. The graphic novel (originally a 4 book run)…Stray Toasters by Bill Sinkiewicz being made into a movie. Live action or animated, I am horrified of what they might do to the disturbing story and imagery.

3. Clowns…which is why I am going to be one for Halloween this year. I hope I don’t throw something at my reflection out of fear or have a panic-attack while putting on my make-up. If I had those “whole-eye” contacts in black or royal blue then it would be all over and I would literally die.

4. Slugs, earth-worms and Annelids in general.

5. Turkeys. Whenever I think I have beaten this fear, something happens involving a turkey that brings it all back.

6. Meth-addicts. Meth Addicts and plastic surgery. Meth addicts with plastic surgery.

7. A broken Hollandaise sauce….the Horror!!!!!

8. Migas with queso poured ontop.

9. The idea of not being able to have clean drinking water. I’ve thought about this and how un-nerving it would be to only have access to water that has the scent of sulfur and and at the very least floating particles and cloudiness. For me the question is not “How long could you live under Zombie Attack?” or “How long would you live in that plane crash in the Andes?”…it’s “How long could you live if you had to pull chunks of hair out of your water.”

10. Finally, plaid patterned jackets that do not line up at the seams. If you cannot afford the plaid Chanel jacket, do not buy something that looks like it.


crAsh said...

Re: item no 9) My dad has just finished construction of his zero energy house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It's pretty cool, EXCEPT that the well water has a faint but distinct smell of sulfur, and Dad isn't doing anything about it. Not as nasty as the water you imagined above... but still not fun. I'm just glad there is a filter on the water jet from the fridge.

Blasé said...

#1.. Have you tried peanut butter and Sex?