Wednesday, September 2, 2009

oh...the disdain...

I had written a blog that was wonderful...shorthand, and was something I was prepared to re-write and post.

Then I saw the "exercise". I don't know if I can ignore it. I think I am forced to write now, with no planning and only the spell check to keep me in line. Ha! (Can there be content check?)

"Write about something you despise"

1. Bad Hygiene. Period. and periods...

2. No napkin in lap.

3. Eye contact avoidance.

4. Rudeness to the staff.

5. Ignoring the blinking light at the side of the room that says, "It's time to you know what time it is TIME to dance...i SAID do you KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? IT IS TIME TO...blah blah got it. (This is to close the " because I was too excited to do it at the right time,)...DANCE!!!!!" (there it is...the pause threw me off)(...)

Okay, I made that one up.

6. Passive agressive behavior. If you have anything that could be close to agressive behavior, do it real quick and all will be fine. Passive aggressive? We will not solve your problem, well...ever.(and you will die alone as you suspected)...sad lot.

7. Turkeys

8. Slugs

9. Hip Surgery...wait, that will be okay.

10. My dog with a bladder right now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept 1 is new day...yes?

30 Days of write is an excellent angel (or devil) on my shoulders to remind me that I need to take the time to "think", "process" and "write-down"...uh...stuff.

Real stuff. Imaginary stuff. Stuff that is real but I trick you into thinking it is imaginary. Stuff.

This month we have a new task for day one.

My intentions are to work the grit out of my head oil the levers under my non-existent eyebrows...and to use "Ellipsis" less...much don't become...trite... (...)

(I'm going to fail at the last one because A)Commas suck, B)Semi-Colons feel too clinical to me; and C)I like them...)

I am an Interior Designer in Austin that specializes in only corporate spaces and am the ultra code nerd in our group. Fire, Building, ADA...nerd.

I enjoy writing and blogging and would love to write a fantastic Sci-Fi, but I struggle with the fact that I know just enough about Science and Math to know that I would have a hard time making something believeable.
Therefore I should write about a professional woman in her 30's dating in Austin...very believable...good sources. (mine)

Here I intend to write on the mediator topic...or whatever I want if I hate it.

I love monkeys, index cards(especially ones with 1/8" grids), human behavior and cheese.

That sums it up.