Thursday, August 27, 2009

September spawned a monkey!

In the midst of trying to deal with the ridiculous heat and the aching nightmare that is snaking around in my hip, I have forgotten something important.

I must have a creative outlet. myself...get irritable and unfocused, generally moody and sometimes downright cranky when that part of the head goes un-entertained.

Steps to get my gears oiled properly again:

1. Participate in 30 days of Write...September!
2. Continue to find Harold's laugh at work a super fun thing to makes me laugh everytime I hear it...a really "from the soul" laugh.
3. Keep the house really tidy.
4. Take Leelu to the dog park more often....but not the one with E-Coli.
5. Eat more Kale.
6. Completely redo my study. This has to happen quickly so that I may do creative projects in it.
7. Paint my bug pictures again.
8. Make some jewelry.
9. Make cooked pudding from time to time from scratch.
10. Perfect the homemade chocolate truffle...use people at work as guinea pigs.

That's a start. Maybe I will add in..."wear something other than black...occasionally"