Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's amazing how much you can appreciate things like mobility until it's stripped from you. Now that I am about to get rid of the cane I am constantly thinking about what I will be able to do Yoga.

What would be your biggest fear when it comes to losing a sense?

Would it be sight? Hearing? Taste?

Years ago I found out that a fibrous area on my Clival ridge in the middle of my noggin has given me my absurdly bright sense of smell. I can smell someone walking up behind me long before I can hear them.

Due to this, I am terrified of losing that sense. Would I feel as if I had no balance? Would I feel like I was under-water? How would food taste, or moreover, would it have a taste at all?

It actually scares me to think of, even though the thought of losing the other senses doesn't register that high with me. Blind, okay. Deaf, big deal. No scents???? I might lock myself in a box.

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