Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hear ye...Hear what?

I’m going back on the topic of the Senses, with my favorites.

Today finds me in such a swell mood…and I’m not sure why. I didn’t get a great deal of sleep…or good sleep. There isn’t much work interaction today to make me perky. I’m just generally happy today…I’ll take it. All that said, my left calf is strangely sore and somewhat blue….I choose to ignore it.

Ramble ramble ramble…

Sense of Sound and Hearing:

1. I feel a little sense of joy when I hear someone frantically whipping their spoon around in a cheap plastic yogurt container…to get the last drop. It sounds like “fun” in my ears.

2. Bagpipes…anywhere! I’m a sucker for the dissonance!

3. Sleepy /Cranky kids. When their little voices are sort of trailing off before they go to sleep….”I’m not sleeppppyyyyyy….zzzzz.”

4. Dog sighs. I laugh every time I see and hear a dog sigh. They always seem so pointed in their timing, to make sure you know…at just the right time…”You are boring and/or ignoring me now….sigh”.

5. New snow.

6. Really fine high heels with a long gate gliding over Terrazzo floors in a Federal building…lot’s of echo.

7. People next door to me in a cheap motel. As long as they are not fighting, I find the ambient noise from their room soothing.

8. Honestly…my hearing is really awful, so I enjoy hearing things that I can actually hear…I also enjoy NOT being able to hear that screechy girl across a crowded room.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Brads...

This morning as I was getting ready for work I had the joy of experiencing one of my favorite physical sensations. It made me think about how such small incidents and sensations can have such a great and intense effect on me.
Over the next few days, I am going to write on the different senses…..not a wildly original topic, but something I enjoy thinking on nonetheless.

Sense of Touch

Some of my favorite physical sensations starting with the one from this morning:

1. Removing my jeans from the dryer and putting them on right away, which leads to several hot spots where the white hot brads are burning my bare skin for a second.

2. The bitter ache of my feet right as I remove absurdly constrictive heels that I have worn for 16 hours.

3. Clothing vibrating against my skin in the Meat Beat Manifest show because of the volume.

4. The moment when you are massaging someone’s skin that you can feel their muscles relax.

5. Too much Novocain…this is a love/hate item.

6. Standing in a bathing suit in the Adirondack Mountains while waiting for my turn to parasail…and it was 36 degrees…Fahrenheit.

7. Getting in the water after #6 to help retrieve people….which felt warm and steamy…and impossibly thick.

8. The jostling when driving on a hot sunny summer afternoon with someone who likes to not talk in the car….Manu Chao on the radio and icy spots on my arms from the AC. That is total relaxation for me.

9. Pinching someone else’s REALLY REALLY naughty kid. I haven’t done this in years…and won’t again…but it felt great!

10. Sleeping with my hand on my puppy’s belly, and the fact that putting my hand there knocks her out immediately.

11. Getting past the point where someone’s skin next to mine is too hot…and not moving away. Eventually I don’t notice the heat anymore and we melt together.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Subculture: Gen-Traits

For thirty days of Write...heres my second post....Subject: Create a sub-culture and describe. Here goes!

2031 Subculture: Genetic Miscreants, known as Gen-Traits…for Genetic Traitors

Motto: “Evolve or Infect”

Purpose: Their Ideology is based on their need to spit on Evolution and Mother Nature…specifically because it takes too long naturally. Some groups want to show the world that they can evolve on their own. Others that are in the more extreme factors are trying to see if they can push the boundaries that force Mother Nature to create new Viruses and strains of Bacteria, forcing her to fight the Gen-Traits back. They are becoming dangerously close to this goal and have become a massive threat to society.

Physical Traits: The following list of traits demonstrates a few of the most common body modifications:

• Skin Hardening – This is done to resist inoculation bombs that are constantly raining down on them by civilians, governments and chemical companies.

• Eye Replacement – The eyes are replaced with Aural/Sonar devices to allow movement in complete darkness due to smog and gas rampages.

• Full and Partial Body Joint Replacement – This is done to reverse the range of motion and to retrain the entire muscular and nerve system. The idea behind this is to create reverse musculature for Gen-Trait body-building shows….very lucrative. This also allows for ease in brachiating.

• Appendage Additions – The most common is still the prehensile tail, except it is quickly becoming overdone and Gen-Traits are now getting their tails docked. Most of those individuals also get their ears docked to match.

• Skin Tone Modulation – This allows the Gen-Trait to sync a changing skin tone based on several self-set factors. They can set their skin tone to change with Rhythm and Tones, to change based on moods, or to change based on toxicity level s in the air.

• Ground Effects/Hydraulics – Self explanatory.

• Mercury Tattooing – Encapsulated Mercury pods and patterns that time-release tiny amounts of Mercury into the blood stream to induce Mercury Poisoning Euphoria….as well as insanity.

• Sensory Re-Wiring with Pavlov Button – The button is usually in a visible location such as the neck.

Clothing: All clothing is oil and metal based. There is no sitting or standing that does not leave a pool of grease and metal filings. All outward appearances are meant to be very slick and grungy, although the more vain and younger Gen-Traits prefer a graphite based oil that gives them the appearance of Hematite, the rest look like they are covered in Vegemite.

Housing and Food: Gen-Traits live in large packs due to social resistance to renting space to them…..very messy as well as Toxic. The beds are tanks that include liquid nutrients that are ingested Dermally during their sleep since the act of eating is considered too “Human” and the Gen-Traits are beyond that.

One curious item about this group is that they keep lab grown organs and specialized proteins as pets that they carry in sealed clear-glass containers as jewelry. Some carry disease-infected ones to throw as grenades if they are threatened.

Friday, April 17, 2009

dream home?

Well, I have not been writing for April's "30 Days of Write", however...I just saw Laurie's topic on what kind of dream house would you want. So many images immediately erupted in my cortex...must...write...down...(as a numbered list...because I like them)

Memories of dream homes I wanted at different times in my life

1. As a four year-old I wanted a mud house. This home was to have an Al Fresco kitchen...well, I guess the whole thing was to be open air, since I couldn't figure out how to have wet mud stay suspended as a ceiling. I could entertain several guests at the mud bath and hose everyone off as they left. Clothing was not an option for this house.

2. At 11 I was in love with Mark Twain's house in Hartford ultimate fantasy house at the time. We went on the tour countless times, which led to my Mother procuring a Mark Twain action figure for me. It wasn't like the satirical plastic ones they make know, in that series of pithy toys...Freud...Jesus...Lesbian Barista. No, mine was an all cloth doll around 5 inches tall with a removable blazer. I built a cardboard dollhouse for Mark, complete with a secret door to shove his mistresses through, a conservatory, and a working elevator, all per the real home. My parents weren't thrilled about the mistress shute...

3. At 12/13 I could think of nothing more perfect than Decker's apartment in Blade Runner. Dark, moody, piano covered in old photos, a constant cloud of glittery dust hovering in the air...waiting for the 10 minutes of sunset daggers to make them pulse glow ripple. It was a womb-like dreamhome. "enhance..."

4. Ah...17. At this time I fancied myself Miss Suzy Alternative. I thought I was mysterious and a little dark...and a budding pervert. (I had no clue...I was a pretty happy-go-lucky good-girl virgin) I thought it would be cool to have a home with stainless steel tunnels for halls, complete with mystery drains in the floor and bare red lightbulbs. I also wanted a dungeon room with electrified clay walls with shackles. Yep....don't let your kids watch VideoDrome too much. Thank God I grew out of this house idea!

5. College...anything by Frank Lloyd Wright.

6. 2004...the home I was living in. I loved the old house on Mary Street that Brad and I had. It was quirky, with the creaking wood floors and the overabundance of windows. The kitchen and bathrooms were the only modern features and everything else was from the 20's. The lovely yard was somewhat unkempt and had a strange stage in the corner, which would have made a fantastic place for a kid's impromptu dance performance. The playhouse left behind was all wood and two stories tall...dangerous and perfect. dang...

7. I'm just missing that house.

8. yeah. I'm gonna make some coffee now. I'm tickled by these home memories I haven't thought of in a while...